Equal Opportunities
in Science

The Equal Opportunities session

IPAC’23 shall organise a session devoted to the topic of equal opportunities in science. The session will be centred on gender equality. Awareness on this matter still largely insufficient and we want to face it openly. Equity is still affected by stereotypes, prejudices, unconscious biases, often leading to low self-evaluation. Empathy is the mature way to construct equity along the personal education path. We all need to nurture, in ourselves and others, a higher consciousness on the fundamental importance of this theme for a more fair, efficient, and harmonious growth of our working community. This must then translate into tangible policies supporting the development of personal career at all levels, also in science and technology, with no gender discriminations.

At IPAC’23 we shall debate these topics with distinguished scientists from our own field of particle accelerators. Having devoted significant effort towards the promotion of gender equality. They will report what has been achieved so far and on what still deserves further development for the years to come.

Programme will be announced in due time after the third meeting of the Scientific Programme Committee.

When and where

Wednesday, May 10
at 6:30 pm

Room Sala Grande
Palazzo del Cinema