Paper submission

Click here to directly access your contributions and upload your paper.

The deadline for the submission of paper contributions to the proceedings is:

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2)

Before Submitting

Be sure that all the paper preparation guidelines have been followed while writing your paper.

Once the paper is ready for upload, use the JACoW Cat Scan Editor tool to validate that the paper source file meets the paper preparation guidelines.

Before submitting your files, access the “My contributions” area of the IPAC’23 Indico system and:

  • ensure that the contribution title in Indico is identical to the one in your paper. If not, edit your contribution and update the title with the one in your paper. Note: while the title in the paper must be in all uppercase letters, in your Indico contribution it must be in Sentence case;
  • authors list on the paper is identical to the one in your Indico contribution. If this is not the case, edit your contribution and update the list of authors and co-authors. Please be sure that only one speaker is selected and that it corresponds to the actual presenter at the conference. This data will be used for the production of the table of contents and author index of the proceedings. Failure to enter all co-authors means they will be omitted from the author index.

Notes for papers undergoing the Light Peer Review

Authors wanting to publish their contributions as a Light Peer Reviewed paper must first upload their files by Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).
Please follow the instructions about Light Peer Review on the dedicated page.

Submission of a Paper

Most authors can generate PDF files, however, the standard is far from uniform and often they are not acceptable for the JACoW proceedings. As such, we DO NOT allow authors to submit only PDF files. Contributions without a source file (.tex, .docx or .odt) are incomplete and not flagged as available for the editorial team.

Once the contribution has been prepared using the JACoW template and according to the IPAC’23 Paper Preparation Guidelines, the author should submit all files used to produce the contribution as follows:

  • Source file which is a properly formatted MS Word, LaTeX or OpenDocument
  • PDF file made from the source file. Make sure the fonts are embedded in the PDF file.
  • All figure files used in the paper in its native format (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .eps, .pdf etc.). Please check that the image quality is not lower than what used in the source file, especially for color images, and text in the image is readable.

Only files named according to the paper’s programme code can be uploaded. Example for paper code MOPA999, the paper contains two figures, the file names should be:

  • MOPA999.tex (or .docx, .odt, etc) corresponding to the source file and are to be selected in the “Source File” upload box
  • MOPA999.pdf, selected in the “PDF” upload box
  • MOPA999_f1.eps (or .png, .tif, .jpg, .pdf …) corresponding to figure 1. Figures and other supporting files are to be selected in the “Other Supporting Files” upload box
  • MOPA999_f2.eps (or .png, .tif, .jpg, .pdf …) corresponding to figure 2. Figures and other supporting files are to be selected in the “Other Supporting Files” upload box

File upload via Indico

  1. Once all files are ready for submission, access the “My contributions” area of the IPAC’23 Indico system to upload your files;
  2. after login, be sure to use the lefthand menu to access “My Conference > My Contributions“;
  3. open the contribution you want to upload files for and scroll all the way down to the bottom;
  4. Click on the “Submit files” button and choose your file type (see figure down below):
    1. Contribution of type Poster: only submit files for Paper. Ignore the “Slides” type
    2. Contribution of type Oral: submit files for both Paper and Slides (read this page for instructions on how to prepare your slides)


After selecting the right button, a window like the one below will appear. Now you can either drag and drop files onto the file boxes of click on the “plus” sign and browse your computer to select the right files.

Be sure that all filenames respect the syntax described above, otherwise the “Submit” button won’t activate.

The papers will be processed by the editorial team starting during the
week before the conference. Authors will receive an e-mail about the
processing status. Alternatively authors should check the status board (green=accepted, yellow=request of proof-reading, red=problem).

Additional information on how to manage paper submissions in Indico can be find in the official IPAC documentation.


Please contact the IPAC’23 scientific secretariat if you have questions about managing your papers.