Poster preparation guidelines

General requirements

Each poster will be presented on a single board, whose dimensions are 100 cm (39.4 inches) wide x 200 cm (78.7 inches) high.

We recommend to prepare and print a poster of size ISO A0  (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) or US Arch E (36 in x 48 in) in PORTRAIT orientation on the board.
Note: Avoid landscape orientation for the A0/Arch E formats, as it will be too wide to fit the poster boards.

The Conference Organisers will provide all necessary supplies for mounting the posters (tape, etc).

Poster preparation guidelines are the same for the standard Poster Sessions and the Student Poster Session.

The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to reject publication of papers that have not been properly presented or manned in the poster sessions. Manuscripts of your contributions to the proceedings (or enlargements of them) are not considered as posters and papers presented in this way will not be accepted for publication.

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, IPAC’23 is unable to accept any organisations based in Russia or Belarus (as mentioned on the registration page).
This is applyed also to the poster presentation for the person who present the poster.
However, poster with references of co-authors affiliated with Russian and Belarusian institutions are allowed.

Poster display times

Assigned poster boards will be ready each morning from 08:45. All presenters are asked to hang their posters as soon as possible in the same morning of their assigned poster session. This way all delegates will be able to study them ahead of the poster session and come prepared with specific questions.

Presenters are also asked to remove their posters at the end of the session. Any poster left unmanned on its poster boards after 18:30 will be removed.


IPAC'23 logo

You can use the IPAC’23 logo (both have transparent background): color version – white version

Local Printing of Posters

Local Printing of Posters

Would you like to travel light? Print your poster onsite, in Venice Lido! Visit the local facilities page to know more!