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TitleChallenging students into developing accelerator-based innovations to protect the environment
  • E. Métral, L. Rinolfi, M. Vretenar
    European Organization for Nuclear Research
  • M. Castelle, R. Holland
    European Scientific Institute
  • N. Delerue
    Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS/IN2P3, IJCLab
  • P. Burrows
    John Adams Institute
  • V. Starovoitova
    International Atomic Energy Agency
AbstractThe I.FAST CBI is an immersive challenge-based innovation program funded by the H2020 I.FAST project. The 10-day face-to-face challenge brings together students of different disciplines from all over Europe to work together on innovative projects using accelerator technology applied to environmental challenges. We report on the first edition of the I.FAST CBI, the proposed projects and feedback from the students.
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Conference14th International Particle Accelerator Conference
Date07-12 May 2023
PublisherJACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland
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Online ISSN2673-5490
Received07 May 23
Revised20 June 23
Accepted20 June 23
Issued27 June 23