Paper preparation guidelines


Use of the JACoW templates is mandatory for IPAC’23. Always download the latest template files before starting, even if you already have them from previous conferences.

Always use the styles contained in the templates. These styles will automatically ensure correct typesetting and layout, and ensure you are not called to fix these problems again.

For those authors that have requested Light Peer Review, it is recommended to use the JACoW LaTeX template because this will minimize the work of re-formatting the contribution for the IoP version of the paper.

Length of Contributions

Papers for invited oral presentations may be up to 5 pages. Papers for both contributed oral and poster presentations may be up to 3 pages long. If contributions contain numerous references, these may be carried over to an extra page. No other parts of the paper but references are allowed in this extra page.
Page limits will be strictly respected, all papers exceeding their limit will be returned to the author for revision or, at last, rejected.

Basic Hints and Tools

Detailed instructions on how to write a good JACoW paper are included in the JACoW template. We suggest to also read through the following pages or use the linked tools to ensure an acceptable quality of your papers:


We have observed that fixing bad references in submitted papers is the most time consuming job for editors in the Proceedings Office.

Basic rules:

  • All bibliographical and web references should be numbered and listed at the end of the paper in a section called “References.”
  • When citing a reference in the text, place the corresponding reference number in square brackets, e.g. [3].
  • A URL may be included as part of a reference, but the hyperlink must be removed (In Word use ctrl+k to remove).

We take the opportunity to repeat here the most frequent types of references.

Citations of JACoW publications

To get citations of JACoW publications correctly formatted use the JACoW reference search tool.  Use this tool for all JACoW conference related citations, included those to papers presented to IPAC’23.

Citations of non–JACoW publications

It is crucial that all bibliographical references are written clearly and consistently across all the conference proceedings. Always use the EXACT formatting of references and citations in the templates. More examples and details can be found in the Annex B of the full template or on the JACoW website.

Basic Accelerator Conference Citation Formatting

Presented at IPAC’23, “this conference”

[1] A. Author, et al., “Paper title”, presented at the 14th International Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC’23), Venice, Italy, May 2023 paper XXXXXX, this conference.

Note: “et al. should be used for 4 or more authors.

Unpublished proceedings papers (e.g. IPAC’22)

[1] A. Author, B. Author and C. Author, “Paper title”, presented at the 13th International Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC’22), Bangkok, Thailand, Jun. 2022, paper XXXXXX.

Published papers (e.g. IPAC’22)

[1] A. Author and B. Author, “Paper title”, in Proc. 13th Int. Particle Accelerator Conf. (IPAC’22), Bangkok, Thailand, Jun. 2022, pp. nnn-nnn. doi:10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2022-XXXXXX

Where XXXXXX denotes the paper ID, e.g. MOPWA999.

Naming of files

Only files named according to the paper’s programme code can be uploaded. Example for paper code MOPA999, the paper contains two figures, the file names should be:

  • MOPA999.tex (or .docx, .odt, etc) corresponding to the source file
  • MOPA999.pdf
  • MOPA999_f1.eps (or .png, .tif, .jpg, …) corresponding to figure 1
  • MOPA999_f2.eps (or .png, .tif, .jpg, …) corresponding to figure 2

When the files are ready for submission, please refer to the instructions about how to submit files to Indico.

Note for presenters from a Russian or Belorusian institute

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, IPAC’23 is unable to accept any registrations from any organisations based in Russia or Belarus. Individuals may check if they are eligible for participation with IUPAP affiliation at Please note that in this case the IUPAP affiliation must appear both in the JACoW profile of the author and in the authors list written in the submitted paper.


Please contact the IPAC’23 scientific secretariat if you have questions about managing your papers.